Fixing My Dog

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.  I’ve been busy with typical end-of-the-school-year formalities, we launched our non-profit, and Lola underwent a lateral fabello-tibial suture stabilization to repair her CCL (cranial cruciate ligament). But these aren’t the reasons I haven’t posted. The truth is, I’ve been generally uninspired lately. Until I read Dr. … Continue reading

What Comes First- The Chicken or the Egg?

Animal Farm Foundation’s most recent blog post is entitled “For the Dogs It’s All Pain, No Gain”. They examine the damage that is unintentionally perpetuated by pit bull advocates who spread the myth that pit bulls have a higher tolerance for pain than other breeds. The article’s main point is that ALL animals experience pain … Continue reading


From time to time I face comments from family and friends that imply I’m being too lenient with Lola in regard to how I address her fear-based behaviors.  I’ve been criticized for using treats while training, and alternately criticized for not using enough palpable consequences when she negatively reacts to fearful stimuli. Inevitably I find … Continue reading

Properly Fitting a Head Collar

When a dog pulls on lead, owners can choose from a variety of pain-free tools to assist with training.  Most used are the no-pull harnesses (a harness which clips in the front rather than the back to discourage pulling) and the head halters (a halter that fits over the dog’s head and held in place … Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Dogs

A dog’s biggest worry stems from wondering when her owner is coming home. SOMETIMES WE WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WE CAN’T CONTROL All it takes to satisfy a dog is a good old fashioned belly rub. ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE A dog can easily recover from a major disappointment when bestowed the … Continue reading

To Whisper or Not To Whisper……

It’s an old debate: Cesar Millan or Victoria Stillwell? Most of us who employ reward based training techniques are tired of the ongoing debate, primarily because it is just so darn hard to convince a devout Cesar follower that the man abuses animals. In fact, I’ve personally found that it’s almost impossible to convince one … Continue reading

Socialization or Torture?

SOCIALIZATION NIGHTMARES I’ve been debating what topic to discuss next, to avoid falling victim to the dreaded ‘second-shot flop’.  Then yesterday, I read a new article on Karen Pryor’s website which evinced powerful emotional connections to the content being discussed.   The article’s title, “Don’t Socialize the Dog!” effectively accomplishes its presumable objective- to cause the … Continue reading

Who Am I?

Let’s see. If I had answered that question just ten years ago, I would have probably defined myself first according to my job and marital status, followed by any hobbies or activities I enjoyed. The first line of my auto-biography would probably have read something like this: I am an unmarried teacher who likes to … Continue reading